Repair and maintenance of large and medium-sized conventional ships: container ships, passenger ships, military vessels, oceanographic vessels, cable ships.

The conformance to new international standards with the construction of new facilities and the installation of new machinery and equipment.

  • Overhaul of low-, medium- and high-powered propulsion and auxiliary engines in the workshop and on site.
  • Reconditioning of cylinder heads, pistons and various engine parts of medium and high-powered engines in the workshop.
  • Overhaul of machinery of any type: pumps, gear reducers, winches, bridge cranes, valve fittings, etc., in situ or in the workshop.
  • Overhaul of electrical engines and alternators.


  • IInstallation of new machinery, inspection of existing installations.
  • Overhaul of reciprocating and centrifugal compressors.
  • Overhaul of steam turbines and turbo-generators.
  • Construction and maintenance of heat exchangers of any kind.
  • Overhaul and re-fitting of boilers of any type.
  • Steel, stainless steel, copper alloy and aluminium piping.
  • Welded steel and aluminium alloy structural work.